Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Status Update

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Not a lot to talk about really.. Been working really hard on adding cheat code support, but ran into a bug. I want to say it's a bug with GameShark's lookup functions. Which is being a pain in the ass to debug. Other than that we have a new UI and XML settings/database file. The new UI is really sexy and all credits go to xiq for his hard work.
<Game ROM_Name="METROID4USA" DisplayName="Metroid Fusion" Checksum="1819625372" LastPlayed="0" TimesPlayed="1" Type="GBA" Favorite="true">
<CheatCode Name="MasterCode" Default="true" MasterCode="true">
<GameShark>93C80FA3 DF77</GameShark>
<GameShark>EEEE8A9B 6B5C</GameShark>
<GameShark>00D0A839 17FE</GameShark>
<CheatCode Name="Multi Jump" Default="false">
<GameShark>FD28FA5E 77C9</GameShark>
<GameShark>FE80CB4F E749</GameShark>


Coming soon ;D

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