Sunday, March 21, 2010

[Release] XeDOSBox 0.1 Beta

[ XeDOSBox - Opensource port of DOSBox for the Xbox 360 ]
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[ About XeDOSBox ]
Yet another great project to work with. This is also Team XeLove's first opensource release. There's still a some bugs left but a few games are running. Note that this is a beta.

Wikipedia -
DOSBox is a full CPU emulator, capable of running DOS programs that require the CPU to be in either real mode or protected mode.[3] Other similar programs, such as dosemu or VDMs for Windows and OS/2, provide compatibility layers and rely on virtualization capabilities of the 386 family processors. Since DOSBox can emulate its CPU by interpretation, it is independent of its host CPU.[3] However, on systems which provide the i386 instruction set, the option to use dynamic instruction translation is available in DOSBox. Though this setting is less accurate and reliable, it is faster than interpretive CPU emulation."

[+] USB Keybaord and Chatpad Support
[+] Config File Support (Should work from CON files)

[-] Fix Bug that causes crash in alot of programs.
[-] Better keyboard support.
[-] Graphical Frontend for loading custom config files(Like the Wii Port)
[-] Mouse Support
[-] And alot more.

[+] Keyboard - USB Keyboard or Chatpad
[+] Chatpad Special functions
Greenkey + F keys = F1, F2...
Greenkey + bksp = Esc

[*] uberfry : Coding support.
[*] [c0z] : Support with XeDebug
[*] sascoo : Help with XeDebug
[*] lantus : SDL Port, thanks for the audio code bro
[*] mastag22 : Donation. Thanks for helping me get in the scene when no one else would
[*] NoRemorse : Large Donation
[*] BLAZE1 : Co-Team Leader, Web Hosting and IRC Support
[*] ne0fite : IRC Support and nfo
[*] Sonic-ISO : Support ;D


  1. This is pretty fucking awsome =) outstanding work !

  2. Wow, great stuff !

    can you guys give us a hint on waht other projet you're working on or might work on ?

    I'd gladly donate for stuff like Stepmania or UltraStar to be ported ^^ (oh, and I guess I'm speaking for a lot of ppl here but I'd donate a 100$ for a good linux support (full cpu and good open gl) and xbmc)

  3. Hi,

    The source code is not availabe yet?

    I´m go to svn but not appears nothing...

  4. release this project we can help in development..

  5. Hi this is a great little cpu emulator, im gna try and make my own Xbox 360 Homebrew software. Do i have to use XDK.