Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latenight Update

picture of a pumpkin
Super Mario 64 running on the Xbox360..
Guys this is a first =)

I just want to say thanks to the most amazing girl in the world, Andrea my girlfriend and future wife. The one person that keeps pushing me to keep trying and trying. Even after failing many times. If it wasn't for her then none of this would have happened. I love you baby.

Also thanks to everyone that has supported me on IRC and everyone that has donated.


  1. i'm gonna fuck you so hard for this ^^

  2. Hey man, just saw your post on xbox-scene, wanted to say thanks for being the first to attempt this, and now that I see SM64 running, I'm stoked. :)

    Nice way to score brownie points BTW.

    If you're looking for someone to help with compatibility tests, be sure to lemme know. I have a USA goodset and a Xenon 360 flashed with XBR, and would not mind testing over 250 ROMs and submitting debugging reports.

    Once again, excellent job!
    -Jake Turner

  3. hmmm do you think because you're implementing your own graphic handling code it should be possible at some point to use all those AMAZING texture pack we can already use on pc ? :)

    anyway thank you for all your great work and please keep it up ^^

  4. Wooh, I cant wait to see on of the best games on the N64 to be on this, Star Fox 64.

  5. I've got an XDK As well as a couple jtags, if you need any testing with debug done let me know. My aim is modular511.

  6. Updates sounds/looks great love. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  7. ahhh, my boyfriend is so superior ^,..,^

    btw, you're not getting that super-hard-amazing-sex until you sort out all the 3D stuff. i can't distract you and make you keep your fans waiting xD


  8. will donate as soon as Ill be playing Star Fox on my Xbox 360

    great job nonetheless so far

    you must be a great man to take such a project on like this, starting from scratch

    ill toss your salad bigtime

  9. Héhé :)

    Love+Andrea = love without divorce :D